1. How big is the Chamber?

We represent almost 800 member businesses in Brantford and Brant County that collectively employ more than 25,000 people.

2. How is the Chamber governed?

A sixteen person Board of Directors representative of the diversity of our Chamber members guides the organization. Each fall, a call for nominations is issued for vacancies on the Board and all Chamber members in good standing are eligible for nomination. Directors are elected for two, 2-year terms. The immediate Past President of the Chamber, liaisons from the City, County, and JCI are ex-officio members of the Board.

3. What is the best way to get the most from my membership?

Glad you asked. Our members tell us that they realize the greatest benefit from their membership by attending the many special events, seminars, meetings and networking opportunities offered each year. We believe that business is a contact sport and the Chamber is the perfect place to meet potential new customers for your business or profession. The more you participate by volunteering for one of the many Chamber committees, attending events, advertising or sponsorships, the more potential customers you can meet to help you grow your business.

4. If I'm busy, can any of my employees attend a Chamber event in my place?

Absolutely. Your Chamber membership belongs to your business and all of your employees are welcome to attend on their own or with you. In fact, many of our members prefer to attend functions with others from their business. This is a great way for you to feel more comfortable at an event if you are new to the Chamber or the community.

5. When are the meetings held?

On average, our standing committees meet once a month and special task forces meet as required. As a member of the Chamber you are welcome and encouraged to participate by joining one of our many committees. Other than committees, there are no meetings that are mandatory for you to attend. We do have a number of networking events each month that you and your employees are welcome to attend. As well, there are a number of more formal business events held annually as well as casual events such as our annual Golf Tournament. As a member we encourage you to participate either by attending or sponsoring these events. Learn more by visiting www.brantfordbrantchamber.com, read the monthly Electronic newsletter and the bi-monthly In Touch magazine.

6. How do I advertise through the Chamber?

You have a variety of opportunities to reach fellow members throughout the year. Some of our suggestions are:

  • Web Page Advertising
  • In Touch Advertising
  • Membership Directory Advertising
  • Event sponsorship
  • Hosting a Business After Hours
  • Advertise in our electronic newsletter
  • Sponsor a seminar or workshop

Call the Chamber at 753-2617 for details or e-mail lana@brcc.ca

7. What's the Chamber's relationship with the City and the County?

We work closely with City and County elected officials and Senior Staff. Liaisons from the City and the County are ex-officio to our Board and we have regular meetings to ensure that we are all working together toward our common goal of making our community the best it can be.

8. Does the Chamber endorse candidates?

No. Our bylaws state that the Chamber is a non-partisan organization whose role is to monitor the activities of all three levels of government. We provide information to our members at election time and take action on issues that affect our members and our community.

9. What other representation does the Chamber provide?

Our Chamber is affiliated with both the Ontario and Canadian Chambers of Commerce. Each year we send representatives to the annual policy conferences to debate issues on behalf of our members. In addition to this, newsletters, media releases and policy papers are available to our members through both the Provincial and National Chamber organizations.