10 Great reasons to take a look at the Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan.

  • No Occupation Restriction
  • Owners Only Plans
  • Guaranteed Issue Health, Dental Plans Available For Firms With 3 Or More Employees.
  • Guaranteed Issue Disability  Plans Available
  • Travel Coverage, With Unlimited Days To Age 75. No Pre-Existing Exclusions On Guaranteed Issue Plans.
  • Groups With Under 10 Employees- Fully Pooled Plans No Premium Increases At Renewal Due To Claims Experience
  • Pooled Benefits Stabilize Rate Increase
  • Non Cancellable Due To Claims Experience Of Firm
  • On Line Administration /  Quick Turnaround Of Claims
  • Full Range Of Options For Firms With 1-50 Employees:

Life Insurance/Income Replacement/ Health/Drugs/Dental/Critical Illness.
Chambers across Canada band together under the not-for-profit Chamber Insurance Corporation of Canada to bring you buying power you just can’t get on your own.

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