Hi Everyone, 

We know this is an unprecedented time for small business – and we’ve been working to encourage shoppers to think local now more than ever. Thought we’d email with some news and a reminder about these 2 ShopBrantford.com tools that can help right now. Let’s hit the tools first and the news after. 

The Tools

We know that with social distancing and people in isolation there’s likely not as much traffic to your shop or service business. So, here are a couple ways we can help with the package you already have with ShopBrantford.com. 

1. E-Commerce: Built into our ShopBrantford.com platform is an e-commerce tool if you need to start selling some items online right away. This tool is easy to use and we don’t take a percentage of a sale – though the payment comes through PayPal, so I believe they do take 2.9%. You could sell online and choose to offer pick-up, drop-off or delivery (through a local delivery service). Whatever works for your business. 

Here’s an example of a ShopBrantford.com member who use the e-commerce tool to sell items – this store is also integrated into her website: The Jelly Girls E-Commerce Shop

Here’s a video on how to setup Marketplace items in your ShopBrantford.com shop once you’re logged in to you dashboard. The only thing missing here for online sales is this important instruction: before you setup your marketplace items click Sell Online > Store Settings and make sure you enter your PayPal email, HST (if applicable) and delivery cost (if applicable) – and any extra instructions or terms you may want to include. Once you’ve done this HST will show up as an option when adding a marketplace item and you’ll be able to set a “Fixed Price” on your marketplace items so they can actually be sold online ("Asking Price” simply shows the price, but doesn’t allow someone to buy the product.  Here’s the video

2. Online Gift Cards: There’s some good messaging out there about helping to support small businesses right now by buying gift cards to use after things return to normal. And, great news – we have a built in tool for people to be able to do this and IT’S SO EASY TO SETUP. We are also going to put some marketing behind it as the days go on. When your logged in to ShopBrantford.com head to Sell Online > E-Gift Cards and add your email address used for PayPal. We will be sharing a link to the list of businesses selling online e-gift cards to encourage consumers to buy them. Please read all the Terms & Conditions and note that we do take a 5% processing fee, because there is work done on our end to verify gift cards over the phone when customers bring them in and to have our bookkeeper send payouts on the 15th of the month. 

Here’s what that e-Gift Card page we will be sharing looks like: e-Gift Cards on ShopBrantford.com.

Bonus: Please remember to update your ShopBrantford.com profile with opening hours if they are changing day to day. As always, you can always post updates to our Newsfeed on our homepage on the main Dashboard under “What’s New?”. We will be sharing links to our site to help keeping consumers informed. 

Please reach out to Jamie or Avery for help with these tools. Our emails are avery@shopbrantford.com and jamie@shopbrant.com.

The News

We have partnered with the Chamber of Commerce Brantford-Brant to do as much good as we can in the coming days. We’ve already launched a joint social media campaign targeted at consumers, and with helpful tips for small businesses at this time. Through ShopBrantford.com and Avery’s other venture Folktale Studio we are also helping the Chamber launch a podcast this week called the Brantford-Brant ChamberCast. Look for a link to it in the coming days. This podcast will be hosted by Avery and filled with Business-to-Business focused content to help us all get through the next few weeks. There will also be content from the Chamber and its members targeted at consumers airing through Brant.One, so stay tuned there as well. We hope you will help by sharing all of this content with your followers on social media so we can spread the word. 


We are here for you. We know this is scary and that we are all going to struggle in the next few weeks. Thank you for being here to support our community. Lots of things are being cancelled, but they can’t cancel community. So let’s step up for one another and get through this thing together. Whatever we can do to help, please let us know. 

Yours in supporting local, 

Avery Moore Kloss & Jamie Carnegie

Tuesday, March 17, 2020